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Samir Attalah - An Amway, WWDB Diamond

Samir Attalah came to United States from Egypt to pursue the American Dream. According World Wide Dreambuilders or WWDB, Samir had only $40 in his pocket when he arrived in Seattle, Washington. However, that didn't stop Samir from pursuing his dreams. Within couple of months, Samir managed to open a jewelry store, and he own several real estate properties. In addition, Samir Attalah earned three college degrees! Microsoft recruited and offered Samir a job, but Samir turned down the opportunity. While working as a newspaper route carrier, Samir found out about the Amway business opportunity. Samir saw the potential of the business and got involved. And, the rest is history! Samir Attalah was one of the fastest growing Amway Independent Business Owner or IBO in the Northwest Territory. As a single, he built his Amway business to an Emerald level and met Theresa Attalah on the way. Together, they built their Amway business to a Diamond level.



Samir and Theresa Attalah Amway WWDB IBO, Samir and Theresa Attalah, an Amway IBO and World Wide Dreambuilders/WWDB
Samir & Theresa Attalah
Brad Duncan Dancing, Samir Attalah's buddy - Brad Duncan dancing on stage
Brad Duncan Dancing on Stage
Attalah_F430, Samir Attalah at family reunion
Brad Duncan's Ferrari F430 Spider
Samir_Attalah_Lamborghini_Aventor, Lamborghini_SamirAttalah
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